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About the webinar

We know what you’re thinking: ANOTHER building standard?! Why is this one different?

The majority of building standards have a one-and-done approach. RESET® is sensor-based and performance-driven using continuous monitoring to better understand how the building performs over time.

Indoor air quality is top of mind with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Tenants are demanding transparency into the health of their workplaces and are no longer accepting inaction from their landlords. 

The RESET® standard creates a structure for data quality, continuous monitoring, and benchmarking. The standard harnesses the power of technology in order to assess the performance of buildings and interior spaces during their operational phase.

Watch our webinar recording with RESET® founder Stanton Wong and Switch COO Derek Harnett, RESET® AP to learn:

- How to leverage RESET® to develop actionable, long term strategies toward health and sustainability for your buildings - Why data integrity is crucial for benchmarking and deep analytics

- Where to find RESET accredited monitors or data providers (hint: Switch is now a RESET® Accredited Data Provider!)

Watch the recording here

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Get to know the speakers

Derek Harnett, RESET® AP, WELL AP | COO | Switch Automation
Derek Harnett has over 30 years of experience working with building systems on various commercial, industrial, defense, governmental and life sciences projects throughout Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. With a background in construction management, mechanical engineering and hands-on HVAC, utilities and process equipment commissioning, Derek is an accredited professional for both International WELL Building Institute & RESET Air Standards and an active member of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

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Stanton Wong | President | RESET®
Stanton is the President of RESET, a set of standards and assessment tools and services to develop actionable, long-term strategies towards health and sustainability for the built environment. Stanton has a background in software development and product management and is passionate about the future, technology, education, the environment, and health. He is also fascinated by the optimization of processes and design choices using nudge theory.