Developing a Smart Building

How smart buildings create a better experience for occupants

Moderated by Switch CEO, Deb Noller
Tristam Coffin, Director Sustainability & Facilities, Whole Foods
Stuart Appley, Managing Director, GWS Digital & Technology - Google, CBRE

Deb Noller, CEO of Switch Automation, moderates a discussion around developing building infrastructure for the future and how developers can build for flexibility.

Featuring Tristam Coffin of Whole Foods, and Scott Appley of CBRE, this video filmed live at DisruptCRE San Francisco 2019 discusses how to:

  • Demonstrate the ROI of a smart building program to key stakeholders in your organization
  • Hire the right talent to maximize the value of your building data
  • Choose technology that can scale and accommodate growth in your digital facilities management strategy

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