Recorded webinar: Monitoring-based commissioning using a smart building platform

BranchPattern webinar recording

Jorde Ranum | Digital Solutions Engineer, Switch Automation
Carrie Nakamoto | Associate Principal, BranchPattern

As high-performance building standards continue to evolve, commissioning has become a critical way ensure new construction projects and retrofitted spaces will operate at or above code. Whether the project's goals are defined by LEED Certification Criteria or Advanced Energy Codes, commissioning is now often required as a means to predict, guide and monitor project performance.

In this recorded webinar, participants will:

  • Analyze how smart building technologies help manage building systems with less risk and extend the operating life of facilities.

  • Understand how data reported through this platform can be interpreted to create safe and healthy environments for tenants.

  • Interpret automated building data to help re-entry post-COVID as well as energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

  • Analyze how the real-time data collected and reported through this integrated platform is used for monitoring-based commissioning.

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