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The latest release of Switch Dx³ (Digital Device Discovery) provides greater insight into what factors are blocking your ability to provide an open and integrated building operational system.

Continuously scan your building network for connected devices, available points, potential network vulnerabilities, and more–paving the way for planning and budgeting for a smart building design:

Digital Readiness Score
 Capture the scope of your connected equipment and available data, leveraging industry standard open protocols.

Network Performance
Measure your devices’ response times to ensure quality data.

Network Ports
Track your integration ports and their security status, as well as their manufacturer and device types.

Firmware Summary
Capture every devices’ manufacturer, equipment type, the number of devices and their versions on your network within a single view.

Watch this webinar recording where Rachel Kennedy, PE, CCNA, Digital Solutions Engineer at Switch, as she walks through the latest release of Switch Dx³ (Digital Device Discovery).

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Rachel Kennedy, PE, CCNA | Digital Solutions Engineer, Smart Buildings | Switch Automation
Rachel Kennedy is a Digital Solutions Engineer at Switch Automation with a MS and BS in Architectural Engineering from University of Colorado Boulder and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She is an emerging specialist in the smart building industry with experience evaluating and testing IoT sensors, integrating BMS and control systems across networks, and deploying FDD and analytics. In her previous assignment she focused on smart building strategy and planning on notable projects including the San Francisco airport Energy Management Control System. She has recently published articles on "How to get started designing a smart building" and enjoys developing new analytics to drive operational efficiencies and experiences within buildings.