Recorded Webinar: Switch Dx³ (Digital Device Discovery)

Switch Dx3 macbookair img
Global Director of Integration Peter Rake provides a step-by-step introduction to Switch Dx3, demonstrating how to connect your building’s systems to assess and report on data connectivity, network integrity and overall digital readiness.

Switch Dx3 integrates building systems, sensors and devices to assess data connectivity, network integrity and readiness for smart building technologies. Take the first step on your smart building journey by eliminating sensor faults and ensuring your portfolio is fully IoT-enabled.

In this webinar, Peter provides an overview of:

  • The three seamless ways the Switch Platform draws data.
  • How the Switch IoT gateway feeds device and system data points to the Switch Platform to help you fully understand your connectivity status.
  • The Switch Dx3 dashboard, detailing the compatible systems and data points on the building network — including the connectivity and potential cybersecurity risks in each building.
  • Switch integration support, helping you to bridge the gap between IT and OT to ensure full connectivity.

Watch here.